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It all started 11 years ago with 5 girls facing challenges in their personal and religious lives.

Since then, JTAP has serviced over 300 girls, ages 11-25 and beyond

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JTAP is a hidden gem – I had never heard of it, until my daughter needed it. Before JTAP, she was totally lost. She had run away from home and was in a really terrible mental situation. It’s unbelievable how much JTAP has lifted her up since then. We’re a team with JTAP – they love her with no judgement, no matter what she looks like on the outside, so she can “rebel” from me, while I breathe a sigh of relief knowing she’s in a safe environment. If not for JTAP, I literally don’t know where my daughter would be.

JTAP Parent


Baila Langer

Executive Director

Baila Langer is passionate about connecting with the Jewish community and worked together with her husband for Meor on campus; a Jewish mentorship and engagement program for unaffiliated college students, for over 5 years. Baila is responsible for overseeing every branch of the organization and maintains active involvement with all JTAP programs and activities. Her passion and years of experience in community outreach has ensured the continuity of JTAP’s vision and success.

Rena Kanter

Head Mentor

Rena Kanter has been working with teenagers in Baltimore for the last 7 years. She completed 2 years as an Occupational Therapist at Johns Hopkins Young adult inpatient psychiatric unit. Rena began working for JTAP in October 2016, first as a mentor and then as Assistant to the Head Mentor, and immediately established trusting and personal connections with participants and mentors. Rena’s position as head mentor ensures every girl in JTAP is being supported in all areas.

Sarah Hersh

Program Director

 Sarah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She loves helping others create a vision and takes a lot of pride in her ability to make others feel comfortable and understood. Sarah uses her ingenuity and talent to create thoughtful and exciting programming for JTAP. Programming that connects the girls to their mentors and each other.

Shlomo Brodie

Director of Business Development

Shlomo Brodie brings a wealth of creative energy and business acumen to JTAP. Shlomo holds an MBA from the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University Maryland. He manages business operations at JTAP, with the goal of expanding the local donor base as well as developing strategic partnerships with other business entities interested in furthering JTAP’s mission.

Faigy Loeb

House Mother

Faigy is a mom of 4 and a dedicated community member who has shown a deep commitment to helping the Baltimore community. Most notably, Faigy is a volunteer for the Safety Kid program, providing child abuse prevention workshops to children at local schools. Faigy ensures that the physical and emotional needs of the young women in the JTAP Living Program are being met.


Rabbi Menachem Goldberger

Rabbinic Adviser

Doni Greenwald

Jacob Blumenfeld

Gittel Bregin

Zvi Calko

Dr. Hinda Dubin
Advisory Board

Shushie Ehrenfeld

David Fink, Esq.

Lara Frank

Yardena Gardyn

Shimon Kanter

Malka Kohen, LGPC

Yaakov Litke

Yitzie Pretter

Devora Meira Ringo
Previous Executive Director

JTAP has helped my daughters grow and learn how to be successful young women. They are supportive and encouraging of my daughters’ wellbeing. The madrichot always are open and helpful, allowing my daughters to be accepted for who they are in a judgement-free zone.  JTAP provides a family atmosphere, a true home away from home.

JTAP Parent