helping them Stand

when the world's pushing them down, holding their hand to cheer them on and up.

GED Program

Many of our young women are of high school age but are not attending formal schooling, putting them at risk of endangering future educational advancement and career opportunities. In response, JTAP provides a GED exam preparation program so they can obtain a high school equivalency diploma. In addition to overcoming the significant obstacle toward their futures, these classes empower JTAP girls to persevere through challenges as well as to perform academically despite hardship.

Case Management

JTAP fosters open communication between parents, teenagers, mentors, and staff and acts as the liaison towards a support network with those closest to each teen. JTAP offers support and guidance for parents dealing with teens at risk, and communicates with school faculty to ensure that young women are getting the educational support they need. Additionally, JTAP often refers teens to therapists and directs some girls to more intensive therapeutic programming when necessary.

Educational Workshops

JTAP offers workshops on financial stability, drug awareness, sexual education and healthy relationships in collaboration with other community organizations, focusing on specific issues that teens face, such as body image, technology, and other relevant adolescent topics. Some workshops are one-time classes, while others span several sessions to provide in-depth education on the topic. Girls are encouraged to ask questions and explore how the topics relate to their personal growth.

Therapy Program

As JTAP staff realized the critical need for therapy and psychiatric services for our girls, we also understood the exorbitant costs involved. Together with private funding and various grants, JTAP has secured the means to subsidize therapy for those who need it, matching girls with the therapist best suited to help them. This program is now a partner in providing top quality, life- saving therapy to individuals who so badly need it.

I was a troubled teen with no place that felt safe and nowhere that felt like home. JTAP gave me a space that felt safe, warm, loving, and most importantly, it gave me a family. It gave me people I could turn to for advice, for direction, or simply just to vent. JTAP has changed my life and it continues to change the lives of many other girls.