Make yourself At Home

In late 2016, the JTAP house was purchased as a dedicated location for JTAP mentoring and programming. The House enables JTAP to be more accessible to those in need within the community and to develop a stronger sense of belonging among the participants.

Having open hours twice a week is my favorite part about JTAP. It gives me the opportunity to see my friends and madrichot without needing to “go out” – it’s a really chill place where I can do my own thing and hang out. I feel comfortable just being myself and talking about whatever is on my mind. When I can’t ask parents for advice, I know I can always rely on JTAP, where I feel accepted and loved.


In addition to drop-in hours and formal programming, the JTAP house offers residential facilities for 4 young women (ages 18+). Two in-house mentors and a house mother ensure that the physical and emotional needs of the young women are being met and that relevant services are available.

The JTAP house provides more than room and board: it provides a supportive, structured living environment that will help these young women learn to live independently and productively for the rest of their adult lives.

The JTAP house provides:

Drop-in hours 3 nights a week

Live-in facilities for up to 4 young women and 2 mentors

A house mother to ensure physical and emotional needs are being met

Classroom space for educational opportunities

Office/Study for quiet activities, including homework, therapy sessions, and one to one mentor discussions

Spacious living and dining rooms

All-purpose family room for lounging

Kitchen with an open pantry and cooking utensils and appliances

Fitness center for girls to work out to improve physical and emotional health

Outdoor space with a screened-in porch and firepit