A space for her to

find her place

Our programming is what makes us, and it begins with our mentors. JTAP’s philosophy is that healing starts through shared positive experiences with people who care. They may come for the fun, but the unconditional love they receive is what keeps our girls coming back.

JTAP is an escape from reality, a place where you can go and be yourself with people who make you feel safe. The love and support between each girl and madricha is unbelievable. From the trips to activities to Open Hours, JTAP is always there. Whether it’s an outing or just someone to talk to, the madrichot are always available. The girls I’ve met at JTAP are now my closest friends. The relationships I’ve built with everyone in JTAP are ones I will cherish forever. JTAP is not just my home, it’s my family.


Mentorship is a cornerstone of JTAP and the key to our success.JTAP pairs each girl with a one-on-one mentor as a confidant and a non-judgmental safe person. Our carefully selected mentors model healthy relationships and what it means to have a positive Jewish identity, guiding girls in decision making, understanding boundaries, and building self-esteem. Through training and constant support, JTAP mentors have the skills to assist participating young women in navigating their individual challenges. These relationships don’t have an expiration date – even as the girls grow up and out of the turbulent teenage years, they maintain lifelong connections to the mentors who met them where they were when they needed it most.

3 nights a week, the JTAP house provides a safe place for the girls to hang out and be themselves while acting as a haven during times of challenges and stress. Designed to be a warm, welcoming place of respite, the JTAP house includes:

    • All-purpose room for lounging and structured programming
    • Office/study for individual interactions with staff or peers
    • Exercise room
    • Pantry fully stocked with healthy food
    • Kitchen with cooking ingredients/utensils
    • Expansive backyard with a fire pit for summertime cookouts and a screened-in porch.

    There are no agendas at Open Hours, so girls come just to relax, connect to each other, and benefit from spending time with mentors and staff. They may choose to do homework in a stress‐free environment, enjoy the peaceful camaraderie with other teens, or have a private conversation with one of the always‐available mentors.

JTAP’s monthly trips are an integral part of the program. Fun-filled experiences for girls encourage creative self-expression, stress relief, and team building. The natural teenage need to take risks and push limits is channeled through safe activities that offer an adrenaline rush, in place of poor choices. In addition, girls support their peers, encouraging each other through anxieties and learning to work as a team. Activities are carefully selected that support character-building and decision-making skills. Trips have included: Trapezing, horseback riding, swimming, glass blowing, escape rooms, trampoline parks, ziplining, and more.

Twice annually, JTAP runs a 2–3-day weekend retreat that has an immeasurable impact on the girls. During the extended days together that include a grand trip and Shabbos, the girls have a chance to deepen existing friendships amongst themselves and grow even closer to mentors. Over Shabbaton, relationships and memories are created that last a lifetime.

As summer approaches, teens find themselves with unstructured time on their hands, where progress made over the school year is at risk of being lost. JTAP works with our girls to find healthy, productive activities and/or jobs during these challenging months. Some past summer programs include intensive self- defense and a fitness bootcamp, which builds the girls physically and emotionally and fills their time with connection and inspiration. In addition, Sunday activities are offered to keep the girls occupied and content.

On both Jewish and secular holidays, JTAP provides a celebratory and safe setting for our girls. This ranges from shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah, epic Purim and Chanukah parties, and a Simchas Torah bash to celebrations on New Year’s Eve and our unforgettable Friendsgiving dinner.

On a weekly basis, JTAP mentors invite girls for Shabbat meals in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment. Being in homes where they feel accepted allows girls to feel the warmth of Shabbat and tap into its beauty and peace, allowing them to view Shabbat in a positive light.

Monthly, one night of Open Hours turns into a birthday party for all the girls who celebrated their birthdays that month. This club gives us the opportunity to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

When not involved in any of the above programming, you’ll find JTAP girls and mentors involved in a variety of activities that promote connection to one another, the community, and themselves. This includes therapeutic interventions such as expressive art, meditation and yoga; community work such as food drives and volunteerism; and pre-holiday inspiration in the form of classes and workshops delivered by respected community members and mentors.